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Address and Contact Information

Address: 3920 Wards Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24502

Phone: (434) 582-9314


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Jessica Burt

The shape is not rounded at all and the nails are lumpy. The guy kept getting frustrated that his brush for the acrylic monomer was not working effectively. Instead of trashing it and getting a good brush he kept trying to clean it. I kept getting nicked and my friend actually got nicked twice bad enough it drew blood.

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Kaylah Hegedus

Our favorite place to go for pedicures! Today I showed them an idea of a design I wanted for my nails, and they did such a great job!! Always pleased when I come here 🙂Dip powder,Nail art,Pedicure,Foot massages

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Ashley Finney

I have gone off and on for many years. I’ve had fantastic pedicures by a gentleman. The last 3 times I have had an older woman who identified herself to me as “Rose” when I called in. All three times my pedicure has been rather awful. My gel doesn’t stay, the pedicure is rushed and she is rude. Today, the massage lasted under 4 minutes for both feet combined. I always get the deluxe pedicure. I sat today in hot wax that become cold and sticky and I had to take off myself. They gave me a discount but the total price was still far beyond what I would have paid for the product and services. I called in to ask for the owner to call me so I could share my experience because the other people who work here have always delivered excellent service in the past and there is an opportunity for growth. She told me they don’t have an owner and hung up on me 3 times. If you choose Trendy- it may be an incredible pedicure, or you may get “Rose” and regret it. Choose carefully!

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Emily Michael

PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS! The one star reviews are the most accurate experiences you will get by going into this “salon”. I had high hopes walking in and I left in tears. My friend was getting her nails done first and so I sat next to her and waited until someone could get to me, 20 minutes later a guy walks in with groceries and they tell me to sit at his station. He took the nail file and filed my “nails” (more like skin) so hard that I was bleeding and crying. It was a horrific experience and reading other peoples reviews where they were bleeding too makes me wonder how they are still in business. Anyone can buy nail polish no one can buy skill seems like they watched one YouTube video and thought it was good enough. It was also very dirty they didn’t take the time to clean off the table (or tools) where I laid my hands in someone’s nail shavings. I also asked for ombré nails and they said that ombré nails are expensive and said they could only do ombré with sparkles and it looked like a 5 year old did it. Take your money to an actual salon and not to these posers. Please be safe don’t let them file off your skin and take your money leaving you with nails you didn’t want or ask for!!! This experience overall felt like a punishment I was in pain crying the whole time and I lost 35 dollars, they should be ashamed.

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Amit Chandro

My new favorite nail salon! All of the ladies i spoke with were friendly and kind. And I really appreciate that they took their time. Plus, there’s plenty of color options and it’s pretty quiet, even with the relaxing music and will be returning!

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Jillian Gadson

Trendy Nail and Spa – Nails Salon Lynchburg has the qualities I value in a nail salon. Its prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly and attentive! These aspects rank high on my priority list when I’m looking for a place to get my nails done, so I know that if anyone ever needs to find a great place for their own pedicures, manicures, and waxing services, this nail-care salon is where they should go!

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Phyliss Davis

The gel manicure and pedicure was amazing! I actually got such a good pedicure, it’s been over a month and my feet are still very cute and polish is nearly perfect still! I felt safe here, my temp was taken, everyone was wearing so it was good.

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Julia Abbott

Every nail service I have received here has been absolutely flawless… even after 3-4 weeks of grow out, the nails remain perfect. The technicians are very professional, friendly and polite and the atmosphere is cozy and beautiful.

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Asia Brady

I love this nail salon! I’ve been here twice with my mother and we’ve gotten lovely work done on our nails. My gel nails lasted almost five weeks! Would totally recommend.Gel manicures,Nail art

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Cleveland Massey

I really appreciated the preciseness and speed of this nail shop. They started on me right away and did not take a very long time. Overall this nail shop was clean, professional and attentive to my nail requests and comfort. I got a spa pedicure and acrylic refill with shellac.

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Trendy Nail and Spa - Lynchburg, VA 24502 - Services and Reviews (2024)


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