My Master Ruined Me! Chapter 21 - Chapter 21 (2024)

[Author: Thanks for the support till now on my book. I hope you enjoyed the chapters till now. I don't wanna say this but there is a bad news and you can read it at the end of chapter. Yeah, I know that I owe y'all 6 bonus chapters.]

"Ugh, I hope I could see them once again…" Leo spoke inside his thoughts and felt a burning sensation in his already punctured body.

Leo could only feel this burning sensation that ran through his whole body coursing with warm energy making his pain less effective.

This warm feeling had calmed his mangled body's pain to some extent, making him more comfortable with every passing moment.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned hours.

He stood on the ground with his mangled body that had stopped bleeding from moments ago.

The warm feeling calming his body from earlier was now responsible for heating it from inside out.

No eyes to shed tears.

No ears to hear.

No bones to support the body.

All Leo could sense was the scent of his blood, and a half punctured lung. He was surprised to be still alive.

An inaudible sigh was all that left his mouth when his heating body's temperature started to drop and the excruciating pain that he had experienced earlier was nowhere to be felt by him.

Leo's body was covered in his own blood with deep cuts on limbs, torso, etc. revealing the bones.

When the inaudible sigh left his mouth, and the rising temperature cooled down tremendously.

The air crackled with an otherworldly energy as the pages encircling Leo began their mesmerizing dance, swirling around him with an ever-increasing velocity.

The symbols however, resisted the conventional expectations of release; instead, they radiated an ethereal glow that bathed Leo's battered body.

Despite the severity of his wounds, the luminous emanations from the pages performed a miraculous choreography, sealing Leo's deep cuts with a delicate touch before gently lifting his unconscious body into the air.

He had fought valiantly, each labored breath a testament to his struggle between life and death, yet now he lay still, his consciousness slipping away like the tenuous grasp of a fleeting dream.

As his body ascended, the pages transformed their earlier cylindrical formation into a graceful oval, the high-speed revolution leaving only a pale curtain of white in its wake.

Leo's form, now suspended at a distance of half a meter above the ground, was veiled by this radiant enclosure, rendering him elusive to any observer.

The radiant light continued its celestial ballet, cocooning Leo in layer upon layer of its healing embrace.

The injuries that would have taken years to mend were now subjected to an accelerated rejuvenation, the luminous cascade mending the grievous wounds at an almost incomprehensible pace.

Once the light ceased its gentle glow, a torrent of symbols erupted in a continuous stream. These enigmatic glyphs were absorbed seamlessly by the persistent radiance that lingered even after the cessation of its emission.

The moment the symbols assimilated into the light, a series of muted explosions echoed in the air.

Within the luminous cocoon, Leo's body underwent a relentless metamorphosis. The explosions, though soundless to the external world, hinted at the internal turmoil that gripped him.

It was an onslaught of continuous detonations, a profound and agonizing process that would have elicited screams of torment had Leo been conscious to feel the pain.

This arcane ritual, a fusion of ancient symbols and celestial light, unfolded with a precision that defied mortal comprehension.

Leo, ensconced in this transcendent crucible, remained oblivious to the metaphysical forces at play, his unconscious form caught in the delicate interplay between agony and salvation.

The explosions came to a halt after an hour and the cocoon that held Leo inside had started losing its color turning into a stone slowly.


In the morning.

The once-luminous cocoon, now transformed into a weathered stone reminiscent of epochs gone by, enveloped Leo in an aura of ancient mystery.

Within the stony embrace, a slow and rhythmic heartbeat resonated, gradually gaining clarity until it echoed with a pronounced intensity, accompanied by myriad cracks that reverberated from within.

As the cracking symphony ceased, a deafening muffled explosion erupted from the heart of the stone cocoon, signaling an internal transformation of profound magnitude.

The exterior, seemingly impervious, succumbed to the invisible forces at play, splintering into myriad stones that cascaded to the ground. In their wake, a single golden droplet graced the earth, atop a canvas of color-shifting ash.

The ashes, imbued with an enigmatic energy, commenced a mesmerizing dance, splitting into two distinct parts that maintained an exacting distance of approximately 30 centimeters. This celestial separation marked the inception of a dramatic transformation.

The ashes, now charged with an inexplicable vitality, began to ripple and rise, gradually coalescing into a dynamic structure resembling a stickman. This ephemeral figure embarked on a kaleidoscopic metamorphosis, morphing through various creature-like forms until it settled upon the semblance of a human skeleton.

In the wake of this spectral evolution, a golden drop emerged from beneath the skeletal structure, ascending towards the skull before expanding upon contact. This liquid gold, none other than the lifeblood coursing through Leo's veins, orchestrated a symphony of creation. It meticulously fashioned tissues, cells, organs, and the intricate systems that form the foundation of life.

In swift succession, the golden essence sculpted skin, hair, fingernails, eyes, and ears, crafting a naked male form with a celestial allure. The once-battered hero emerged, reborn in moments, his countenance radiating an ethereal charm.

His well-toned physique bore witness to the miraculous genesis, a testament to the union of mystic symbols, celestial light, and the very essence that pulsed through his veins.

It was the heavenly transformation that every being would kill to achieve.

[Bad News: I have encountered an enemy that has been playing people's lives for years - Exams.

I have to take a break of 1.5 months to 2 months untill I can start writing again.

Hope you understand my difficulty.

I'll sure come back with a bombastic return.]

I'll only be inactive for updating the chapters but I will always answer your comments, so ask without any hesitation.

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