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Chapter 6294

Zhongquan agreed without hesitation and said:

“The doctor has told me not to drink,”

“But I must have a few drinks today!”

A group of people surrounded the three old men and entered the villa.

The huge dining table in the dining room was already full of food.

Nicolas pulled Zhongquan to sit together.

He stood up and poured a glass of wine for him,

And filled one for himself.

At the same time, he asked all the people:

“You all should accompany us tonight and have a couple of drinks.”

When Charlie heard this, he stood up and poured wine for his three uncles, aunt, and Duncan.

Nicolas picked up the wine glass himself and said to Zhongquan with guilt:

“Brother Wade, for so many years,”

“The An family has neglected you a lot.”

“We did many things wrong.”

“I am here to sincerely apologize to you on behalf of the An family.”

“Please don’t be so mean to us!”

Zhongquan naturally understood what Nicolas meant.

Over the years, he was indeed targeted by the An family.

Once he met Marcus at an important meeting overseas.

Although the latter was a junior,

He still didn’t give him any face.

But Zhongquan has always been objective enough in dealing with people.

He knew that the An family was dissatisfied with him because Margaret died after marrying into the Wade family.

If it was a more reasonable family, they would definitely complain.

What’s more, Margaret was the eldest daughter of the An family and the most dazzling pearl of the An family.

Not only did her parents love her very much,

But her three younger brothers and one younger sister also regarded her as an idol.

The death of Margaret was a great loss and pain for everyone in the family.

So, he also picked up the wine glass and said sincerely:

“I have hated many people in my life,”

“And I have blamed many people,”

“But the An family is definitely not one of them.”

“Since what happened to Margaret and Changying happened in Aurous Hill,”

“It is the responsibility of the Wade family.”

“It is the Wade family that failed to fulfill its obligation to protect them.”

“It is human nature for you to blame me.”

Then he said: “If Changying had an accident in the United States,”

“And I didn’t know the details,”

“I would definitely blame the An family.”

As soon as these words came out,

Zhongquan’s expression suddenly became very lonely,

And he murmured softly:

“Hey, all these years, I have been everywhere,”

“But I haven’t come to Aurous Hill,”

“This is the first time since Changying and Margaret were buried.”

Nicolas looked sad, sighed, nodded, and said:

“Alas! I didn’t want to come to Aurous Hill before,”

“And I couldn’t even hear the name,”

“But later I knew that Charlie had lived here for so many years,”

“And I didn’t reject Aurous Hill so much in my heart anymore.”

Zhongquan nodded and said:

“Thanks to Charlie,”

“Otherwise I still don’t know who killed Changying and Margaret.”

After that, Zhongquan suddenly remembered something and said to Nicolas:

“Charlie is very powerful now,”

“Maybe we can live to see him wipe out that dmn Warriors Den!”


Nicolas said solemnly:

“The moment I recognized Charlie,”

“I had already made a decision.”

“The only mission of the An family now is to do our utmost to help him eradicate the Warriors Den,”

“And avenge Changying and Margaret.”

“In order to achieve this goal,”

“The An family can give up everything they have now!”

Zhongquan nodded and said:

“The same goes for the Wade family.”

“I have already passed the position of the head of the Wade family to Charlie.”

“Now, everything in the Wade family is led by Charlie.”

“As long as the Warriors Den can be eradicated,”

“What does it matter if the Wade family goes bankrupt?”

Nicolas agreed and said: “Brother Wade is right.”

“Revenge is also what the An family wants to do most now.”

“In order to achieve this goal,”

“All the resources of the An family are at the disposal of Charlie.”

“If we can’t make it, and add the Wade family,”

“Our two families will put in everything,”

“Plus Charlie’s outstanding talent,”

“It will be a piece of cake to eradicate the Warriors Den!”

As he said that, he looked at Charlie and said sincerely:

“Charlie, if Grandpa doesn’t live to see the day you eradicate the Warriors Den,”

“Then when everything is settled,”

“You must come to my tomb and tell me in person!”

Charlie, who had been silent all the time, said at this time:

“Grandpa, don’t worry, you will definitely see the Warriors Den disappear with your own eyes!”

“It won’t be long before I will take the initiative to attack the Warriors Den.”

“I will pull out the teeth of the Warriors Den one by one,”

“And then kill that Victoria with my own hands.”

“When everything is settled, we will go to Waderest Mountain together,”

“And tell Mom and dad this good news.”

“They will be very pleased if they know it in the afterlife!”


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6294 – MTL Novels (2024)


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