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Chapter 6287

Hearing that President Pei had arrived at the gate of the community and wanted to meet him,

Jacob was overjoyed.

He knew that President Pei came to see him at this time, and his tone was so polite,

And he said that there was good news,

Which must have solved the problem of his return to the Calligraphy and Painting Association!

The excited Jacob quickly calmed down and thought to himself:

“The Pei surnamed took the initiative to show me goodwill,”

“He must have felt pressure from Master Orvel!”

“I must be dignified at this time,”

“And I can’t let him think that I really want to go back!”

Thinking of this, he replied:

“It seems that there is nothing between the two of us that needs to be explained in person.”

“I know why you do this, so let’s not talk about it.”

As soon as the message was sent, President Pei,

Who was sitting in the car, felt a pang in his heart.

He handed the phone to his wife and said depressedly:

“Honey, look, does Jacob not want to return to the association?”

Elma looked at the content sent by Jacob and was a little unsure for a moment.

She murmured: “It is not impossible that Jacob does not want to return to the association.”

“After all, it was quite embarrassing to make things worse.”

“Later, he was tricked by you and kicked out of the Calligraphy and Painting Association,”

“Which was even more embarrassing.”

“If he goes back now, I don’t know how many people will talk behind his back.”

President Pei asked nervously:

“If he doesn’t want to come back, what should we do?”

“This director position is the best result I can get for him.”

“If I really say to give him a vice president, let alone which vice president will agree,”

“The key is that if this matter gets out,”

“Everyone will say something about me,”

“And I won’t be able to bear the pressure at that time!”

Elma sighed and said, “This is really a difficult situation.”

“If you kick Jacob away, he will hate you.”

“If you invite him back, he will still hate you,”

“And other people will also be dissatisfied with you.”

“This matter makes what we did, hey, it’s all my fault…”

Chairman Pei waved his hand: “Don’t talk about this now,”

“Let’s think about how to get through Jacob.”

“If he doesn’t come back, I will have completely offended Master Orvel.”

“I used to think it didn’t matter whether I offended Master Orvel or not.”

“Although he is doing well, I don’t ask him to do anything for me.”

“Besides, now we live in a society ruled by law, he can’t do anything to me.”

“But I never expected that Master Orvel’s connections are so strong that he directly cut off my promotion.”

“If I can’t satisfy him this time, maybe…”

“I won’t be the president of the calligraphy and painting association for long.”

Elma handed him the phone and said,

“You’d better call. You should apologize and say a few nice words on the phone,”

“Even if you scold yourself. As long as Jacob calms down a little and is willing to come out to meet you,”

“There is still room for mediation.”

“Otherwise, if he is really determined not to go back, then we have no other way.”

President Pei nodded gritted his teeth and said,

“Okay! I’ll call him!”

After that, he took the phone and called Jacob directly.

On the other side, Jacob, who saw President Pei calling, was grinning from ear to ear.

But he deliberately held it in his hands and thought about the phone ringing for a long time,

But he didn’t answer it.

Seeing that his phone had been ringing for a long time,

Charlie was not in a hurry but was looking at the phone with a silly smile,

So he couldn’t help asking him: “Dad, why don’t you answer the phone?”

Jacob sneered: “Hey! Isn’t this that person!”

“Conan! He sent a message saying that he is outside our community and wanted to meet me out.”

“I didn’t agree, so he called.”

“I guess it was Master Orvel who wanted to call him back,”

“And he was scared, so he hurried to find me to find a way to make up for it.”

Charlie nodded: “Dad since President Pei wants to make up for you,”

“And you want to return to the Calligraphy and Painting Association,”

“Then I suggest that you won’t be too pretentious,”

“Otherwise if you use too much force, people will think that you can’t come back,”

“And they might think of other ways.”

Jacob was slightly stunned, and asked nervously:

“With Master Orvel’s order, does he dare not obey?”

Charlie said: “Obedience also depends on the actual situation.”

“This kind of thing is easy to cause misunderstandings.”

“If he thinks that you would rather die than return to the Calligraphy and Painting Association,”

“Then he will definitely not come to beg you again.”

“This is the same as a man and a woman dating.”

“It’s okay for you to control the other party, but you must grasp the degree.”

“If you make the other party completely desperate,”

“The other party will definitely no longer insist fearlessly.”

Jacob nodded thoughtfully: “That makes sense…”

“Then I’d better go and meet him.”

“I must return to the Calligraphy and Painting Association,”

“Otherwise I can only stay at home and stare at your mother every day.”

Coincidentally, President Pei called again at this time.

Jacob didn’t hesitate anymore and picked up the phone and asked him:

“Mr. Pei, what do you want to talk to me about?”

President Pei said quickly: Oh, Jacob, you finally answered the phone.”

“I just wanted to apologize to you in person and then tell you some good news.”

“I’m at the gate of your community now.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t take up too much of your time!”


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6287 – MTL Novels (2024)


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