Carol Vorderman urges BBC to sack Laura Kuenssberg after controversial remark (2024)

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The BBC is facing calls from Carol Vorderman and others to replace Laura Kuenssberg after viewers criticised her introduction for Ed Davey.

The 47-year-old presenter interviewed the Liberal Democrats leader on Sunday, and pointed out how his tactic of ‘ruthlessly targeting’ seats previously held by the Conservatives had paid off along with his viral antics designed to get TV time during the election campaign.

‘This election made history for all sorts of reasons, and when you put the votes together, the smaller parties got their highest ever share of the votes,’ she began during her Sunday politics show.

‘Maybe it was the bungee jumping, or maybe given that the Liberal Democrats want to change the voting system, ironically perhaps they just learned how to play it better by ruthlessly targeting seats where the Conservatives had held them.’

As a video showing him and his party in good spirits, she continued: ‘Well there he is, Ed Davey, the happiest man in Britain, he looked like there, celebrating winning more than 70 seats, and he joins us this morning from south west London.

‘Ed Davey, congratulations, I suppose, on your more than 70 seats.’

Her use of ‘I suppose’ in the introduction has sparked uproar from people watching at home, with many people branding her words and tone ‘incredibly rude’.

Countdown legend Carol weighed in, suggesting it was ‘time’ she got replaced by Victoria Derbyshire.

‘Time for #bbclaurak to become #bbcVictoriaD don’t you think? @vicderbyshire Quite extraordinary,’ she tweeted. ‘Vic D is exceptional and gives them all a hard time if that is what’s needed. She knows her detail and cuts through with any bias. BBC is lucky to have her.’

‘Is it just me or is it time that Laura Kuenssberg was dropped? She’s far too opinionated and often downright rude,’ argued @pde158, while @janeedolpin said: ‘When she said, “Congratulations, I suppose” I physically jumped. The BBC needs to look closely at her performance. She is not employed to put her own opinion forward.’

Others branded her comments ‘disgraceful’, and one person was debating a ‘formal complaint’ to the BBC.

‘Laura Kuenssberg was very rude in her introduction to Ed Davey, using the words “I suppose”. His party won 71 seats. Very disgraceful attitude,’ wrote @shaz2263, while fellow X user @clarenewell3 agreed: ‘Disgraceful from Laura Kuenssberg. Almost worth a formal complaint.’

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And viewer @IngridH48177439 tweeted: ‘Laura Kuenssberg thinks belittling someone who brought a smile to our faces during this election makes her clever! It doesn’t.

‘She is ignorant and is totally lacking integrity. Her attitude says far more about her than it does about Ed Davey who has faced and overcome far more.’

‘Laura Kuenssberg’s diabolic introduction to her interview with Ed Davey. No spoilers. Wait until the end. It’s worth it,’ wrote author @edwinhayward alongside a clip of the exchange.

Plenty of viewers have called for her to be ‘dropped’ by the BBC as they accused her of bias, while others continued to pile on criticism.

‘So incredibly rude from Laura Kuenssberg,’ wrote @JoeWaters, as @jakinaboks added: ‘Appalling behaviour from Laura Kuenssberg.’

‘When she said,’Congratulations,’ I suppose’ I physically jumped. The BBC needs to look closely at her performance. She is not employed to put her own opinion forward,’ said @janeedolphin.

X user @belladonna_rose described her comments as ‘shocking rude to an elected leader of a UK party’, claiming they were ‘shocking and disrespectful’, while @Borders750 said it was ‘disgusting and demeaning’. has contacted the BBC for comment.

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Carol Vorderman urges BBC to sack Laura Kuenssberg after controversial remark (6)

Carol Vorderman urges BBC to sack Laura Kuenssberg after controversial remark (2024)


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