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Chapter 5911The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafLate at night, a cargo ship set sail from the Blue Bay, carrying Stephen to Tahiti in the South Pacific.Stephen stood at the stern of the ship and felt a wave of emotions as he watched the city grow further and further away in the night. He was once a trusted aide of Charlie's father, Curtis. Twenty years ago, Curtis had given him two tasks. The first was to protect Charlie's safety after his own incident, and the other was to obey all orders from Ashley. Over the years, although Stephen had remained and served as a butler for the Wades, everything he did was actually based on Ashley's instructions.For more than ten years, even Jeremiah did not know whether his grandson, Charlie, was alive or dead. This was because Curtis did not make any arrangements for Stephen to inform Jeremiah about Charlie's situation. Ashley was still the one controlling everything behind the scenes.It was only when Ashley felt that the time was right that she let Stephen confess Charlie's situation to JerRead more
Chapter 5912The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafAfter finishing his sentence, he quietly asked Charlie, “Charlie, why does Miss Lavor refer to you as ‘Young Master’?” Charlie thought for a moment, then smiled and said, “She likes ancient culture. Don’t be surprised if she refers to herself as the humble one later.”Jeremiah shook his head and said with a smile, “I'm old now, and I don't understand what these young people like.”He then lowered his voice again and said to Charlie, “But Miss Lavor really has the demeanor of a noble lady. It's just that she's a bit younger. Otherwise, she would be quite suitable for you.”“Yes, she's young indeed…” Charlie smiled in agreement as he secretly thought to himself, ‘If you knew that Vera is already over three hundred years old, you'd probably be shocked.’After that, he and Jeremiah went to the dining room together.Vera was unpacking the breakfast she had bought when Charlie handed the photo album to Jeremiah and asked him, “Grandpa, do you remember this photo album?”Jeremiah frowRead more
Chapter 5913The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafCharlie sent the photo to Janus on WhatsApp and attached a voice message: ‘Uncle Janus, could you please help me check if you know this person next to my father?’Janus quickly replied with a voice message: ‘Young Master, I've seen this person in the photo before. His name is Biden Cole, but I'm not very familiar with him. I just know that he's an Oskian antique dealer who shares a close relationship with your father.’Upon hearing that Janus knew this person, Charlie immediately called him. As soon as the call connected, he asked eagerly, “Uncle Janus, could you please tell me about Biden Cole in detail?”Janus said, “Biden’s family has been engaged in the antique business overseas, mainly focusing on Europe and America. Besides the United States, they also have businesses in England and France. His family has some reputation in the antique industry in Europe and the United States.”With that said, he continued, “The photo you sent is of Biden’s store in New York. It's said that tRead more
Chapter 5914The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafCharlie instructed Shawn over the phone to arrange a private plane to take Janus to Aurous Hill at nine tonight and requested a convoy from Janus' house to take him to the airport. Though Shawn wasn't happy about it, he didn't dare to argue and reluctantly agreed with a smile.Later, Charlie and Vera bid farewell to Charlie’s grandfather, Jeremiah. On the plane, Vera asked Charlie, “Young Master, would it be a little too rushed if you’re going to New York tonight? You will only be able to spend a little more than ten hours in Aurous Hill, then.”Charlie shook his head and said, “Besides meeting my grandparents and briefing them on recent events, I want to see if they can think of any useful information. In addition, I want to greet my parents-in-law before departing.”Vera nodded and said softly, “I almost forgot that your wife is in the United States as well.”“Yes.” Charlie nodded and said, “I asked Miss Fox to invite her to the United States to help. She is in New York now.”Read more
Chapter 5915The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafCharlie knew that Emmett had extraordinary influence in Eastcliff. With him involved, Vera's proposal was bound to succeed. Furthermore, the feasibility of Vera's method was very high. As long as the authorities endorsed it and showed enough concern for the Ackers, their safety in Oskia wouldn't be a problem anymore. Even if Fleur was extremely bold and courageous, she wouldn't dare to openly oppose a country unless she was really tired of living, having lived for four hundred years. However, according to what Charlie understood now, the longer a person lived, the more they treasured their life and feared death. Fleur, having lived for four hundred years, must be extremely afraid of death. Otherwise, she wouldn't have fled from the mountains in such a miserable state.When Vera saw that Charlie had no objections to the proposal, she called Emmett immediately and informed him of the situation. Emmett didn't hesitate and readily agreed as he started to communicate with his connectioRead more
Chapter 5916The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafCharlie sighed and said, “I didn't find any concrete clues, and I was persuaded to turn back when I was halfway there.”Keith asked in surprise, “Persuaded? Who persuaded you to turn back?”Charlie replied, “Grandpa, it's a long story. Let's go inside and talk slowly.”Keith readily agreed. “Okay, let's go in and talk.”Charlie and the Acker family members entered the villa and settled in the dining room. Since there were no outsiders present, Charlie truthfully recounted his recent trip to Mount Tason and disclosed Stephen's situation.Upon hearing that Charlie was persuaded back by a fake abbess from Quiant Monastery, everyone was greatly shocked. They couldn't believe that someone had anticipated Charlie's actions and waited for him while he was on the way up Mount Tason. What was even more surprising was that Stephen, who had silently guarded Charlie for nearly twenty years, actually served another master.After Charlie was done speaking, his uncle, Christian, asked increduloRead more
Chapter 5917The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafIn the afternoon, Keith, accompanied by his eldest son, Christian, and his second son, Kaeden, secretly went to Eastcliff with Emmett.Instead of immediately returning to his home at Thompson First, Charlie went to the adjacent villa, then called Caden, who was in charge of teaching martial arts there, and asked him to inform Isaac and Albert to meet him.Charlie was initially even a little worried that Isaac might suddenly disappear for no reason. After all, as the spokesperson of the Wades in Aurous Hill and as Stephen's direct subordinate, it was likely for someone to have deliberately arranged for Isaac to work in this position. Fortunately, Isaac was still at Champs Elys Resort.The moment Charlie saw Isaac, he felt slightly relieved. Frankly, knowing that Stephen was serving another master made him feel somewhat disappointed. On one hand, Stephen had been his father’s most loyal subordinate, and although Charlie couldn't demand Stephen’s unwavering loyalty to the Wades, his Read more
Chapter 5918The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafCharlie was relieved when he heard this. He then said to Isaac, “Mr. Cameron, Mr. Thompson will temporarily leave the Wades for some time. During this time, the position of the Wades’ chief butler will be vacant. I want you to take over Mr. Thompson's position temporarily. I hope that Mr. Thompson will return in the future, and if he does, you can return the position to him and act as his deputy. If he doesn't return, you will continue to hold the position.”Isaac was surprised and quickly said, “Young Master, my work has always been limited to this province, and I've only just managed to understand my current tasks. Now, you’re asking me to take over Mr. Thompson's position. How… How can I be qualified for that?!” Charlie asked, “Didn't Mr. Thompson climb up step by step?”Isaac awkwardly said, “Well, Mr. Thompson climbed up to that position over ten to twenty years. My abilities are much inferior to his, and I might not be able to convince others with my qualifications.”CharlieRead more
Chapter 5919The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafAfter leaving Champs Elys hot spring villa, Charlie immediately rushed back to Thompson First. He planned to quickly pack his bags and inform his father-in-law, Jacob, and his mother-in-law, Elaine, that he would be rushing to another city tonight to take a look at another client’s Feng Shui.The couple was used to Charlie's constant travels all the time, so they weren't surprised when they heard the news.What surprised Charlie was that Elaine was suddenly showing concern for him, saying with a worried expression, “My dear son-in-law, you're always on the road all day long without resting. What if you tire yourself out?”Being unexpectedly cared for by his mother-in-law made Charlie feel a rare sense of warmth. He smiled and replied, “Mom, you don't need to worry. Although I'm busy outside every day, I don't actually feel tired at all.”Jacob, who was standing aside, looked at Elaine and sneered, “What do you know? Our dear son-in-law is a Feng Shui master now. Although he's on thRead more
Chapter 5920The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord LeafJacob felt a mix of envy and jealousy when he heard that Charlie was giving Elaine a million dollars. Although he had some income from the Calligraphy and Painting Association, it wasn't nearly enough for his expenses. As the Vice President of the association, he often had to entertain guests, and his frequent trips in the luxurious car incurred substantial expenses. Despite his position, he was not as shameless as Elaine was, and he had always felt indebted to Charlie for his achievements and the opportunities he had, such as driving the luxury car and living in Thompson First. So, he didn't feel comfortable asking Charlie for money.But when he saw that Elaine was about to receive a million dollars simply by asking for it, he couldn't help but feel frustrated. He even contemplated asking Charlie for some financial assistance, but when he thought of how he had insulted Elaine earlier, he was embarrassed to ask Charlie for money.Meanwhile, Charlie wasted no time and transferred a Read more








ALL Chapters & Episodes of The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf - Page 592 (2024)


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