Adamant Perk Overhaul (2024)

1. Adamant - A Perk Overhaul at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Nexus Mods

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  • Adamant is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s perk trees designed to balance existing skills and add powerful new perks to the game.

2. SPARC - Smithing Perks for Adamant Reforged and Condensed

  • Mar 24, 2024 · Adamant - A Perk Overhaul is a fantastic mod, and I especially like the Smithing perk tree, which ties tempering to specific perks that ...

  • A complete rework of the Smithing perk tree for Adamant, in an attempt to better match the vanilla armor progression.

3. WiP Character Build: The Turning Wheel (Adamant, Mysticism)

  • Sep 19, 2020 · Also, any mod that enables you to have sun spells without joining Dawnguard, your preferred mod that gives you flexibility with skin tone, eyes, ...

  • I had several false starts with this contest. A priest of Arkay, a humorous disgruntled employee of the Ideal Masters, but all of them felt wrong. To me they didn't encapsulate the theme of Gods and Mortals in a way that to me, really spoke of the lore and power of the Elder Scrolls Universe. So because of that and an ongoing ordeal with the university I attend, I withdrew from the competition. Only to be brought back, because I decided to do what I always do when the going gets tough in my life, I turn on Skyrim and I play him. There are no words to describe the effort I'm about to undertake and the significance it has for me as a builder and creator of content. Because, well, he was the first. A Requiem playthrough that inspired a saga of a fanfiction that has been published in Steam, The Skyrim Blog, The Skyforge and other locations. Created in 2014, he became easily my most beloved character and has stood the test of time and many edits. His story in Skyrim is in direct synergy…

4. The Dragonborn (Adamant) - Skyrim Character Building

  • Jul 20, 2020 · Adamant - A Perk Overhaul: Streamlined perk overhaul designed to enhance every aspect of your Skyrim experience. Morningstar - Minimalistic ...

  • The 'classic' Dragonborn character (at least in my mind) - A Barbarian-type Nord proficient in two-handed & heavy armor, making heavy use of shouts. Good for taking on a wide variety of content both gameplay-wise and lore-wise. Serves as a good introduction to Adamant and/or The Phoenix Flavour. Created during TPF Release 3.3.3 and Adamant 3.0.2. This build was created with The Phoenix Flavour mod list. The Phoenix Flavour is NOT required for this build. This build is an Adamant build at heart.   If you wish to use this build without the entirety of The Phoenix Flavour then the barebones essential mods are as follows: Adamant - A Perk Overhaul: Streamlined perk overhaul designed to enhance every aspect of your Skyrim experience. Morningstar - Minimalistic Races of Skyrim: Replaces the vanilla racial bonuses with two immersive passive bonuses per race. Trua - Minimalistic Faiths of Skyrim: A minimalistic religion mod that allows you to worship at shrines or pray to refresh your…

5. Improving Skyrim / Recommended Mods thread (Mostly about Requiem)

  • Nov 18, 2011 · To make it worse, I saw a perk overhaul Adamant and other complementary mods developed by the same author, creating a consistent overhaul of ...

  • Hey, that's pretty awesom- Release Date: 2025 :timcain:

6. Gameplay | A Dragonborn's Fate

  • Installation instructions: Main Files - Adamant - A Perk Overhaul; Optional Files - Adamant - Bard Perks Addon; Optional Files - Simonrim Attack Speed Fix ...

  • Gameplay changes/additions that make the game feel more balanced and modern.

7. Адамант - Переработка навыков SE-AE / Adamant - A Perk Overhaul

  • May 11, 2024 · Адамант - Переработка навыков SE-AE / Adamant - A Perk Overhaul ... Adamant - мод, полностью перерабатывающий древа навыков в Скайриме, созданный ...

  • Adamant - мод, полностью перерабатывающий древа навыков в Скайриме.

8. Adamant - A Perk Overhaul 日本語化対応 オーバーホール

  • May 8, 2024 · Adamant - A Perk Overhaulの解説・説明 Simon Magus氏による、同氏の との併用を前提 ...

  • Adamant - A Perk Overhaulの解説・説明 Simon Magus氏による、同氏の との併用を前提に設計されたパークのオーバーホールMODです。 ▼ 特徴抜粋(詳細はNexusのDescriptionでご確認ください) ・シャウト、杖、格闘など、バニラでは十分に活用できないプレイスタイルをサポート。 ・スキルレベルの上昇によって関連する能力も上昇する。  片手・両手・弓術・重装(格闘) : ダメージ上昇  防御 : 防御とバッシュ強化  変性・召喚・破壊・幻惑・回復 : マジカ消費軽減 ・クリティカルダメージは武器のデータを参照しなくなり、より強力になる。 ・重装ツリー内の格闘パークは重装の篭手装備時に適用される。 ・二連の唱えの倍率は、呪文の強さor持続(2.2x→2.8x)、マジカ消費(2.8x→3.0x)に変更。 ・各魔法の二連の唱え、魔法鍛冶、鷲の目などのパークをツリーから削除して自動配布。 ・またバニラでは50~90と高ランクのPerk

Adamant Perk Overhaul (2024)


How many perks are there in Skyrim adamant? ›

4. many of the form ids must have changed (or perks got replaced entirely) throughout the updates of adamant, since only 111 out of 196 perks got distributed with the 5.1. 4 version of adamant. all the 196 perks should be distributed again.

Do you get more perk points with Ordinator? ›

Note: Ordinator is balanced for vanilla perk gains. You gain 50% more perk points. Every 2 levels, you gain an additional perk point. This is retroactive.

How many perks are in the Ordinator Skyrim? ›

Ordinator overhauls the perk trees of Skyrim to increase the depth and fun of character building. It is highly compatible with other mods and uses lightweight and clean scripting. Ordinator overhauls all perk trees for a total of 469 new perks.

How to install ordinator? ›

To install the Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim, drag the installation file to the 'Skyrim Data' folder. You also need to use 'LOOT' to determine the specific load order which makes sure the game doesn't crash unexpectedly. Alternatively, you can use a standard mod manager to install this Skyrim modification.

Can you get infinite perks in Skyrim? ›

5: The game has a hard limit of 255 perk points at a time, any additional perks gained past that number will reset the counter to 1.

Can you max out every perk tree in Skyrim? ›

All characters level up their skills at the same speed with use, and as such you're able to, eventually, reach the maximum level of 100 in every skill tree. Speaking of which, each individual skill has it's own skill tree that grants various Perks to the player.

How do you cheat more perk points in Skyrim? ›

Method One: Advancing Skills
  1. First, Open the console by pressing the tilde key.
  2. Then, type in the Skyrim Perk points command "player.AdvSkill" followed by the name of the skill you want to progress.
  3. Type the XP value you want to add to that skill and press enter.

What is the best perk to increase in Skyrim? ›

  • 8 Regeneration. ...
  • 7 Assassin's Blade. ...
  • 6 Arcane Blacksmith. ...
  • 5 Deadly Aim. Three Times Damage With Bow Sneak Attacks. ...
  • 4 Extra Pockets. Increase Carry Capacity By 100. ...
  • 3 Necromage. Spells Are More Effective Against Undead. ...
  • 2 Extra Effect. Put Two Enchantments On The Same Item. ...
  • 1 Twin Souls. Have Two Atronachs or Zombies At Once.
Jan 10, 2024

Are there enough perk points in Skyrim? ›

You can effectively level up infinitely but once you reach level 252 you'll have enough perk points to get every perk.

Do perks stack in Skyrim? ›

Perks stack with equipment. Certain perks stack in different ways however. Increased Magicka Regen will simply add to your magicka regen rate no matter where it comes from. Mastery Perks, which reduce your spell cost by half, are multiplicative with Fortify Enchantments (which reduce spell cost).

How many perks should you focus on Skyrim? ›

It all depends on your choice of what you want to do in a fight. Then just take as many perks in a tree that help your role best. For example, being an assassin may require few perks in the smithing tree. Or you may choose to increase your damage through enchanting/alchemy rather than archery.

Is there a perk limit in Skyrim? ›

Perk limit

There are 251 perks in the game. Originally, there was a level cap of 81, which meant a maximum of 80 perks could be acquired. As of patch 1.9, this limit has been lifted with the addition of Legendary Skills.

Is Phenderix compatible with Ordinator? ›

COMPATIBLE WITH ORDINATOR. (LOAD AFTER PME) Acquire March of Oblivion perk for Host spells to still function properly.

Can Ordinator be installed mid game? ›

Installing mods in Skyrim is normally done in one of three ways: through Bethesda's in-game Modding platform, a third-party mod manager, or manually. While Ordinator can be downloaded in-game (and therefore can be used on consoles) it has caused issues for some players who have upgraded to Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

What folder to put mods in in Skyrim? ›

Set the proper directory during installation.

When prompted to select where to install Mod Manager, point it to C:\Steam 2\steamapps\common\Skyrim or whichever folder you created earlier.

What is the total perk count in Skyrim? ›

Perk limit

There are 251 perks in the game. Originally, there was a level cap of 81, which meant a maximum of 80 perks could be acquired. As of patch 1.9, this limit has been lifted with the addition of Legendary Skills. This addition grants the ability to level up past 81 by resetting skills trees back to level 15.

What is the max ESP count in Skyrim? ›

Skyrim and Enderal have a total limit of 255 (0x00 to 0xFE) full plugins (ESM + ESP). They do not support light plugins (ESL) - ESL flagged plugins with *. ESM or *. ESP filename behave like full plugins.

What are the adamant skills? ›

Adamant is a notable passive skill that grants increased armour rating,as well as additional armour and life regeneration while under the effect of a guard skill. It also grants a chance for double armour effect when hit. Enemies are also less resilient against your physical hits.

Can you max out all attributes in Skyrim? ›

Without legendary skills, the highest achievable level in the game is 81, resulting in a total of 80 attribute increases. The maximum value a single attribute can have if it is the only one increased at every level is 900.


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